3 minute read

Rancher Labs has released Rancher 2.0 Tech Preview on 26th of September. The 2.0 release is a significant one as it brings many changes compared to 1.x versions. Based on current Rancher users feedback, market trends (almost all major infrastructure providers offer “Kubernetes-As-A-Service”), and some vision (“Kubernetes everywhere”), they have re-engineered Rancher 2.0 to be fully based on Kubernetes.


1 minute read

I am developing a small domotics back-end in Go, mainly as a learning method. I already did that in NodeJs and as I wanted to learn Golang, I decided to re-develop same kind of tool. This time, I am doing it more “properly” in terms of testing coverage. And as Go is a compiled language, I have setup an automated build, test and release process using Travis CI, Coveralls and goreleaser. Those tools are amazing!