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When I decided to start blogging and have my own “site”, I chose as it is was for me the easiest and most comfortable solution. I have been using it for a few month and to be fair, I think the product and service are ok.

The main pain points to me are:

  • authoring and preview
  • having to move to a more expensive plan in order to install plugin

So I decided to have a look at Hugo, a fast static web site generator.

The most attracting points with Hugo were:

  • MD files editing with my favorite editor (vscode)
  • Embedded local “preview” server
  • Save and version my files to (+ delivery pipeline)
  • Ability to customize and implement features, even if more difficult than installing a wp plugin

The only left point was how to host my site, and that’s where Netlify enters the game.

Netlify allows you to automatically build, deploy and run your Hugo site upon commiting change in GitHub.

It is easy to setup as described in the Hugo documentation.

Netlify offers classic features like SSL or DNS, but also very nice ones such as global CDN.

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