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I am developing a small domotics back-end in Go, mainly as a learning method. I already did that in NodeJs and as I wanted to learn Golang, I decided to re-develop same kind of tool. This time, I am doing it more “properly” in terms of testing coverage. And as Go is a compiled language, I have setup an automated build, test and release process using Travis CI, Coveralls and goreleaser. Those tools are amazing!

The code is available here and the small doc here

As this is in the early stages, I would welcome anyone wanting to do some tests šŸ˜‰

Current features:

  • Niko Home Control:
    • zero conf, auto detects the NHC controller on the network (LAN)
    • switches
    • dimmer


  • Support NHC thermostat and energy modules
  • API endpoint to log external domotics components
  • GUI?
  • Link with Jeedom


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