On-prem k8s | Part 1

Planning the Installation


We will setup a HA Kubernetes cluster, with 3 control plane nodes and 3 worker nodes.

We will also need a load balancer in front of the Kubernetes API server. We will use HAProxy.

The OS will be Ubuntu 16.04 for all the hosts.

The following table contains the list of hosts to be provisioned.

Name IP address Role
k8sctl1 control plane
k8sctl2 control plane
k8sctl3 control plane
k8swrk1 worker
k8swrk2 worker
k8swrk3 worker
haprx1 load balancer

Components and Versions

We will be using the following versions:

  • Kubernetes v1.10.1
  • etcd v3.2.18
  • CNI network plugins v0.7.1
  • containerd v1.1.0
  • CoreDNS v1.1.1
  • Weave Net v2.3.0

Network information

This section contain additional network information to be clear on LAN, k8s networks and other important IPs

Network / IP Description LAN (csnet.me) k8s Pod network k8s Service network k8s API server k8s dns

Once the machines are ready, we can head to next part

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